Welcome to my tools. These are small apps that solve 1 problem easier. I wrote them for myself to solve something more quickly. Feel free to look around:

Please note that, since this was mainly written for me, there is English and German mixed. In the future, this should be fixed to English.

Icon Name Description
Caseterror If you want to make a text look silly, use this!
Commands If you hate your computer mouse, use this!
Cryptocalc If you want to calculate, how much you want to invest and what your output would be, use this!
Datasize If you want to calculate data sizes manually, use this!
Dreisatz If you need the rule of three for dummies, use this!
Pachecker If you want to compare the price/amount rate of a product in a supermarket, use this!
Prozentsatz If you want to calculate percentages, use this!
Randomizer If you need a randomizer, use this!
URI If you are a physician, use this!
Winget If you need quickly want to install new apps on Windows, use this!
Linux If you want to be a penguin, use this!